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We offer an effective & safe SEO package, in accordance to Google's terms - for both old and new websites.

We'll constantly handle your website in regards to SEO for you - all you need to do is give us access and we'll take care of everything, not taking your time.

What's our experience?

We are the top rated agency in Poland, occupying the #1 - #2 spot for "website SEO" (Polish: "pozycjonowanie stron internetowych" - click to check, our main website is, overtaking about 1 million websites of our SEO competitors.

Interviews with our company were featured on TV, radio and in the press. We also publish our own press articles in print magazines.

We're also responsible for the official Polish edition of the WordPress CMS, being the Locale Managers of the main and associated projects for years. We also cover all the Polish versions of Yoast plugins, including Yoast SEO for WordPress. We know WordPress inside out.

p>We develop websites since 1999, completing hundreds of projects for local and international clients, including banks, universities, the Polish Telecom (part of France Telecom, now Orange). We also won the prestigious DreamHost contest.

How do we do SEO?

We perform different and various tasks each month, depending on what your website requires at any given time.

For example: we may publish high quality articles about your company on other related websites, we can implement new SEO mechanisms to your website, we acquire valuable links to your website or publish high quality content on your website. We optimize your website constantly - not only at the beginning.

We use safe techniques, which are recommended by Google.

How many keywords and which ones do we target?

Currently it's not possible to target only a few keywords for SEO. This leads to bans or filters (punishments given by Google for trying to manipulate the search results and not obeying their rules). Your website needs to be the best in your whole market, for many phrases - not only a few.

At the start, we analyze the keywords which match your offer and are often searched in Google. We check your website against your competition for all those keywords. Having about 100 keywords, we rate them by how tough it will be to reach high spots in Google. We then target firstly those "low hanging fruits", which can give you high spots and customers the fastest.

How long will it take to see an increase in traffic?

SEO is basically increasing the reputation of your website in Google's eyes. You can't do that overnight - it has to be consistent. You can expect to see increases in traffic somewhere between the 7th and 10th month of our cooperation. However, you can always terminate the contract at any time, without extra charges.

You can see a sample traffic analytics chart below, from one of our SEO customers. The 3 month period is marked with an arrow. The client continues to work with us, gaining traffic. The only decrease in traffic comes from the christmas time. Your traffic will look similarly.

SEO traffic increase chart

How much does our SEO cost?

Our SEO services start from € 1000 a month, however we recommend a € 3200 monthly budget. Please fill out the form below to receive the full offer, adjusted for your budget.

To receive an offer adjusted for your budget, fill in the form below. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our CEO via e-mail at or call us from Monday through Friday, 12:00 - 18:00 Central European Time: ☎ 513 499 352.

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