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We offer translating your WordPress theme or plugin to the Polish language.

We are a web development & SEO company based in Poland - that's our main language. We are responsible for the official Polish version of WordPress and all of its plugin & theme translations to the Polish language. We have a Locale & General Translation Editor status for WordPress (which we fulfill voluntarily).

How much does the translation cost?

Our paid translation services are billed per characters:

  • € 120 per any 1800 characters of the original text in English (VAT tax excluded, depending on your location and if you're a company or a private person).
  • Just to give you an estimate, this is about € 0.40 per word, but we bill by the number of characters.

To get a free quote for the translation, send us a link to your project on or the .po or .pot translation file, by emailing us at:

Our experience

Over the years, we've translated hundreds of projects from English to Polish and from Polish to English.

Our portfolio also consists of printed press publication translations for IT magazines.

We also run our website development & SEO business both on the global market in English, as well as locally in Poland.