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Proven Google Ranking Signals – Podcast EOTOB #1

It's here - the first episode of the Essentials Of The Online Business Podcast!

Topics covered include:

  • changes in the Google Search algorithm in June, July and August,
  • new post targeting on Facebook,
  • new additions to Microsoft’s adCenter and Majestic SEO,
  • Google ranking factors that you can be sure about,
  • and many more!

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Valid Google Ranking Signals

Onsite SEO alghoritmic signals for Google Search Engine:

  • page load time
  • internal linking (and where the links are placed)
  • keywords in the title of the page (the sooner mentioned the better), meta description, address of the page and whole domain, headings, textual content (a keyword should be mentioned a few times, 2-5% density is natural), strong tags, em tags (although that last one has low impact)
  • freshness of content and the whole site
  • age of the page and the whole domain
  • variety of topics for the whole website and particular page
  • ranking (authority) of the domain
  • number of pages on a domain
  • length of content on a particular page (should be between 400 and 1000 words)
  • quality and quantity of +1’s for the page and the whole domain (although it’s of low impact)
  • content uniqueness, so no duplicate content (within the website and in the Internet overall, a list of articles with snippets is OK)
  • presence of images and videos on a page with proper file names and proper alt and title attributes for the img tag

Offsite SEO ranking factors for Google:

  • quality and quantity of backlinks with their anchor texts, related context and placement of the link (within content is good, in the footer is bad)
  • whether the backlink has a nofollow attribute or not (nofollow is also good!)
  • for the appropriate searches (like restaurants): the distance between the visitor and the business
  • factors dependant on a particular search term (for example: a search for restaurants will consider the rates and their number from review sites)
  • CTR from the search engine results pages (dependant mostly on the title and meta description of a page)
  • PageRank (likely an internal one)

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Task list and things to consider

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  3. Don’t waste time on removing low quality links. Disavow them in Bing Webmaster Tools and copy them to Google Webmaster Tools when the disavow feature launches.
  4. If you have a separate Google+ Business page and Google+ Local page, consider merging them, but read about the downsides first.
  5. Consider post targeting on your Facebook page.
  6. Check your updated PageRank, onsite SEO factors mentioned in this episode and validate your HTML code using my free website analysis tool
  7. Add rich snippets to your website and validate them.
  8. If you’re using Microsoft’s adCenter for Bing, check out their new ad rotation feature.
  9. Consider using Majestic SEO’s new link tracking feature on your most valuable pages or pages of your competitors.
  10. If you’re using Google Analytics a lot, make some shortcuts.
  11. If interested, read the recommended article about getting out of a Google penalty.
  12. Check your page load time using WebPageTest, Pingdom and Yottaa. Aim for under 2 seconds.
  13. Set up an Adjusted Bounce Rate with visits exceeding 15 seconds.
  14. Check out the recommended podcasts: Foolish Adventure, Smart Passive Income, Lifestyle Business Podcast, AdSense Flippers and Tropical Talk Radio

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