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Nov 01 2012

How to be Productive with Twitter – Tools & Tips

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I tried to get into Twitter a few times. It took a while to learn about Twitter productivity, how I can benefit from it and to understand how the 140 characters per Tweet limit is a good thing, as it forces everyone to get to the point.

Over time I've gathered a lot of tips and resources which help make Twitter really useful and not a time waster. I've come to love Twitter and now find it a far superior tool than Facebook or Google+.

I'm happy to share my Twitter productivity tools and hints with you today.

Sep 07 2012

Likely and Unlikely Search Engine Ranking Factors – Podcast EOTOB #2

In the 2nd episode of the Essential Of The Online Business Podcast I will cover:

  • Twitter launching interest-based targeting,
  • authorship as a ranking signal to Google,
  • how the newly released Twitter timeline widget rivals the Facebook Like box,
  • likely and unlikely Google ranking factors,
  • and many more!

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Sep 03 2012

Content & Sections for a Company Website That You Need to Have

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In this article I will tell you about the content that every company website should have. In particular:

  • what sections should you have on a website,
  • which add-ons will get you loyal, returning visitors
  • and what free tools should you use to monitor your site.

If you already have a website, definitely take a look at this article and check, if you're not missing any key parts.

If you don't have a website yet, this knowledge will be crucial for making the first overviews, sketches and wireframes - a lot of this content turns out to be required after the page is done, which is harder to do and more expensive.

Sep 01 2012

Proven Google Ranking Signals – Podcast EOTOB #1

It's here - the first episode of the Essentials Of The Online Business Podcast!

Topics covered include:

  • changes in the Google Search algorithm in June, July and August,
  • new post targeting on Facebook,
  • new additions to Microsoft’s adCenter and Majestic SEO,
  • Google ranking factors that you can be sure about,
  • and many more!

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Aug 28 2012

How to Find, Validate and Choose a Web Site Developer

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There are a couple of simple ways to validate the quality of work of a website developer.

Before you sign a contract, you should verify how good his previous projects are, not only by design, but most importantly - by the code.

You don't need to know programing yourself to do this. Validating your developer's skills will take you only a few minutes and can save a lot of money.