The Mission

My name is Chris Trynkiewicz. I'm from Poland. For a long time (14+ years) I was developing websites and I've noticed some problems that my clients were facing:

  • they didn't know what they could and should expect from a website developer,
  • they didn't know how to choose a contractor and validate his skills,
  • they didn't know what to do with their website after it's done,
  • and finally, they didn't track (due to lack of time or technical knowledge) the important news for website owners.

You really need to know all of this to succeed online. This website aims to cover it all without making you learn the technical stuff.

Being in the loop is the hardest part - who has the time to read a 1000 blog posts per week on what has Google changed, what new SEO strategies arise, which new startups will generate traffic to websites?

You don't.

But I do.

On average, I go through well over a thousand blog posts and news per week. Only 2% of them have value to website owners and most can be explained in a few sentences.

I don't blame the "big guys" - they have to put up a LOT of content every day to stay on top. Unfortunately this means, that most of it is BS like articles titled "3 groundbreaking traffic generation strategies" with subheadings "engage on social networks", "be open to opportunities" and "make great content". I mean like... Really?...

So on this site, I cut the crap. You can get the vital news by listening to my podcast or by following me where you like best: Twitter @eotob, Facebook, Google+. I also share that stuff along with other unique, high quality content on my newsletter - that's probably the best way to be kept in the loop:

Teaching entrepreneurs and reading and passing on the news is far from everything I do. While I don't make websites for clients anymore, I still love coding, so from time to time I come up with tools like the free website analyzer.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, drop me a line on Twitter @eotob

In the meantime, here's some of the news I was talking about.

Have a great day,